Our tools share a common goal

To help you outsmart your competition, increase sales, grow profits, and save time.


See dealer sales, inventory, and metrics as compared to the wider market. Drill down into options, paints and these combinations with ease. Easily identify current market trends and pitfalls.

Understand the market

See exactly what vehicles are being sold in the market and easily drill down into paint and configuration detais. Compare your inventory to current market demand. Identify the key qualities of fast moving, high selling inventory.

Interior/exterior paint pairings

For any CPOS, get the clear answer on how to best pair interior and exterior paints. Quickly determine which vehicle options and colors sell best together.


Quickly identify areas where your inventory outperforms the competition, and where it is falling behind. See how dealers compare to one another, across an entire brand or for a single CPOS.

Dealer leaderboard

See where you stand among your competition with a comprehensive “by dealer” breakdown on any vehicle grouping you choose.

What's the difference?

Fully understand how your inventory differs from your competition on a broad and detailed basis. Dig into the differences to improve your sales.


Automatically identify potential niche opportunities in the market. Algorithmic detection of high performing outliers makes it easy to break into newly developing or uncommon trends in the market.

Outlier Detection

Our algorithm automatically identifies vehicles that are selling well, but are only being sold by a small group of dealers.

Get in on the action

Understand the configuration and paint details of these high-selling outliers. Identify the vehicles that would fit best with your existing inventory. Bringing in these outliers can provide stout incremental profits to your business without interrupting your primary business strategy.

Stay one step ahead of the competition by tracking the rise and fall of inventory over time. Track your own growth as you tweak your orders to improve performance.

Basic market dynamics

Nothing stays the same for long. Stay on top of the latest trends in the market and don’t be surprised by monthly or seasonal variation.

Trend emergence

Like a video going ‘viral’, new trends can pop up in places and times you wouldn’t expect. Stay one step ahead and track these trends as they develop.


Track changes in your sales and turnover as you make calculated improvements to your inventory.