Automotive inventory analytics. Simplified.

We’re helping automobile manufacturers and dealers harness the power of data to build the fastest selling, most profitable new car inventories possible.

We’re empowering dealership managers to make intelligent,
data-driven inventory decisions with simple, web-based tools.


See dealer sales, inventory, and metrics as compared to the market at large. Drill down into options, paints and these combinations with ease. Easily identify market trends and pitfalls.


Quickly identify areas where your inventory outperforms and also where it is trailing your peers. Easily determine what inventory can be improved and how.


Automatically identify potential niche opportunities in the market. Algorithmic detection of high performing outliers makes it easy to break into newly developing trends in the market.


Stay one step ahead of the competition by tracking the rise and fall of inventory over time. Track your own growth as you tweak your orders to improve performance.

Add the power of data driven decisions to your business.